2018 Burton U.S. Open

Let the 2018 Burton U.S. Open Begin

The 2018 Burton U.S. Open will be the 36th edition of this series, and the best of the best in the world will be present. If you’ve missed out on catching them at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, you’re getting one more shot.

Vail is open and ready for some action. Photograph: Jeff Brockmeyer

Winter Olympics Medalists at the 2018 Burton U.S. Open

At this stage, 50 Olympic athletes will be in attendance, where 15 of them are Olympic medalists. Just to name a few. The ever so popular Halfpipe gold medalist Chloe Kim (USA) will be representing the red white and blue. She isn’t the only rider of team USA, as Slopestyle gold medalist Jamie Anderson and Red Gerard will also be there to guarantee that the USA’s presence is felt. The lovely, living legend, who earned the first ever Olympic gold for Big air, Anna Gasser (AUT) will end her year off on a high note and will hopefully shred her way into yet another historic victory. Winning a gold at the 2018 Burton U.S. Open might not carry as much weight in the average Joe’s eyes as an Olympic medal, but winning here will crown you king in the world of snowboarding.

2018 Burton U·S· Open Junior Jam Results

These riders’ ages might classify them as Juniors, but the skill they’ve displayed tells me junior snowboarding is evolving at a rapid pace. They could even give the pro’s a run for their money. All the riders were 14 years of age or younger and we had 24 of the top boy and girl riders out there competing for 1st place. Having bluebird conditions had riders stoked to get out on the snow and Vail’s 22-foot halfpipe was perfect for a best run event.

Mitsuki Ono (JPN) had one goal this season and it was to defend her Junior Jam title and when Ono sets her mind on doing something, she will stop at nothing until her goal has been achieved. Jake Canter (USA) is a local Colorado shredder who took the boys title with ease. It’s clear that these two deserve a shot at the pro’s and Burton is making it happen. Canter and Ono will compete against the pros at Thursday’s halfpipe semi-finals.

Girl’s Halfpipe Junior Jam Results

14-year-old Mitsuki Ono defending her Junior Jam title. Photograph: http://events.burton.com/


2 Maud_Tessa_1.jpg TESSA MAUD USA 77.24
3 White_Kinsley_1.jpg KINSLEY WHITE USA 75.00

Boy’s Halfpipe Junior Jam Results

Jake Canter taking the title with some sick moves. Photograph: http://events.burton.com/


1 Canter_Jake_1.jpg JAKE CANTER USA 89.49
2 guseli_valentino_1.jpg VALENTINO GUSELI AUS 87.62
3 Tanaka_Kyotaro_1.jpg KYOTARA TANAKA JPN 84.50

Check out the official Burton site for more information on tournament results.

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