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Roope Tonteri – Snowboarder, Park Creator and Eater of Burgers

Some dream of becoming knights and riding noble, proud horses when they are older. Not Roope Tonteri – he grew up on a skateboard. At the age of nine, he switched concrete for snow … and hasn’t looked back. When not competing in the big leagues, Roope Tonteri can be found at his cabin, somewhere near a lake in the pristine Finnish landscape. There, he has built a number of skateboard setups, but more interestingly, it was also there that he first thought of his latest project: the ice dream…

Handmade with Love

Red Bull recently interviewed Roope Tonteri and discussed his latest ice park project. The inspiration behind the final project came from KBR who used ice as a medium of construction. They created a rail out of a single block. Tonteri thought much bigger: he decided to build an entire park out of ice. Yes, that’s right. The park is pure ice – an impressive 6.5 tons of the stuff! It is built on the lake close to his cabin. Is it not every snowboarder’s dream to have their very own park built in the backyard? With an ice house and sauna to boot…

Rooper Tonteri's Handmade Ice House 

The ice needed to create the obstacles was sourced from nearby and each block was cut away with a chainsaw, then positioned and sculptured to create the perfect snowboarding obstacle. It took close to 18 days for Tonteri and his dad to create the park from scratch using just a chainsaw, axe and somer logging grapples. An impressive feat, is it not?

Tonteri says he enjoys creating parks and setups “as a counterweight to competing”. Riding a park that you have created yourself has a special feel. He appreciates being a part of the project from its conception, through to building the obstacles and finally having the chance to ride them. Tonteri had never ridden on ice prior to creating his own ice park. He says that although ice is softer than metal, its slippery nature makes it the perfect building and riding material.

Tonteri’s creating an all-ice snowboarding park is such an impressive feat that it has even been picked up and shared by a desert safari company. Check out a short video of Tonteri riding the rails, kickers and jumps of his park here.


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