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QParks Reshapes Their Website For a Brand-New Look

QParks Has A Brand-New Look

QParks has shaped the Alps for the past fifteen years. Now they have turned their attention, and shaping prowess, towards their website. The site overhaul is complete and packs a punch – on mobile devices as well as laptops. Let’s review some of the additional features that makes this new website sparkle.

Introducing the New and Improved Website Features

The new site has a calendar function. This may seem a relatively minor feature, but it makes a big difference. Stay up to date on all QParks events with just a few clicks. With one quick glance, you can immediately determine the number of events scheduled on a particular date. Click on the date in question and a list of colour-coded events appear. A quick link to the event’s details is on hand too. What more could you want?

Upcoming Events: See? The Calendar Function Rocks!

QParks Website - Calendar Feature

Speaking of calendars, there are five events scheduled for March. The Oakley Schilthorn Open, for both snowboarders and freeskiing enthusiasts, will take place on 11 March. The Shred Masters in Snowpark Feldberg is up the following weekend (again, both snowboarders and freeskiers are welcome). And lastly, but by no means least, there is a girls’ shred session on 25 March at Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig. A fabulous line up, don’t you agree?

Right, after that short interlude, back to the new website features …

Rider Corner

The QParks website has always had a rider corner, so why the excitement you may ask. Well, now riders can put their profiles out there with greater ease. Include a rider photo and short description in your personal bio as well as photographs and video clips. There are already 50 pages worth of rider profiles. Here is one, chosen at random, to give you an idea of the new rider profile layout.

Message Board

The new message board feature allows riders to connect and share experiences, information and even rides to events. View messages by newest posting, ratings or category. There is also a search function if you need to double check if a question of yours has already been asked. Clicking on the big cross below the menu categories allows you to register on the message board. It’s as easy as remembering your email address and a password.

Tell A Shaper

Ever wanted to tell a park’s shape crew that they did an awesome job? Well, now you can with the tell-a-shaper message function. Your messages and queries go straight through the QParks shape crew. The ‘how to use the website’ post claims you can access the tell-a-shaper feature through the dashboard, but this appears to be inaccurate information. It seems the only way to access this feature is on the message board under the tell-a-shaper category listing. Issues of accessing the feature aside, it’s a fabulous idea to be able to contact the shape crews.

Is the New Website Really That Perfect?

The new website is both pretty and functional, but one could argue that it always was. Yes, the new features are fabulous. Mobile-friendliness is a must. Oh, and the interactive park map is very cool. But, if that’s the case then why hasn’t the girls website been totally overhauled too?

It is also a curiosity that in updating the website’s look, the English grammar was broken. Here’s an example:

“The people of the online world is cheering and gleeing as white smoke arises from the chimneys of the QParks Headquarters. It’s the dawn of a new age, which has humankind ecstasiate.”

We can only hope that this new look grows on us and that the grammar and functionality improves in future versions.

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