Los Angeles Air + Style Festival Results

Los Angeles Air + Style Festival: 18-20 February 2017

Los Angeles Air + Style Festival

The Los Angeles Air + Style Festival begins on Saturday. This is the festival’s last stop and, like the previous two stops, promises wild shredding action and an awesome music line up. The Air + Style Festival site streamed the Innsbruck action live. You can watch the nearly two-hour long video via this link. Presumably, they will do the same for the Los Angeles’ leg of the festival… We shall have to wait and see.

Results of the Innsbruck Air + Style Contest

Air + Style Festival

Max Parrow receives a perfect 100 score at the Innsbruck Air + Style Festival 2017

The Innsbruck Air + Style Festival took place on 3-4 February. The results are out and, yes, Markus Kleveland was ‘out-tricked’ by Max Parrrow. Parrow received a perfect 100 score during the festival’s Innsbruck stop. This is a remarkable turnaround given his 13.45 score during the Beijing leg of the festival. Kleveland came in second with a score of 92.45. His combined score, thus far, puts him in first place overall. Sven Thorgren took third place at Innsbruck, but his not having competed at Beijing drops him down to twelfth place overall. For more details on the rankings, visit this page.

The Ladies are in the House!

Katie Ormerod takes second place at the Innsbruck Air + Style Festival 2017

British snowboarder, Katie Ormerod, took second place during the Innsbruck Festival. She told the BBC,  “I’m super happy to take second in such a historic event. It feels great to get on the first-ever girls’ podium“. She was beaten by Finnish snowboarder, Enni Rukajarvi. Check out the Air + Style Festival ladies’ ranking list here.

Then read this article by Red Bull to find out the ladies’ take on the Innsbruck Festival. There is an interesting video embedded in the article that is worth a watch.

Best Tricks 2017

Check out the sick tricks of Katie Ormerod (#2 in a pink hoodie) and Max Parrow (#19) below:


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