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Look Where You're Going: Icy Surface

Look Where You’re Going: Once a Beginner Part 3

Look Where You’re Going! Here is the beginner snowboarder’s next practical tip – look where you’re going. This may seem somewhat obvious, but it is the next step to bonding with your board. Say what? You’re right, we’re not discussing looking ahead and being careful of your footing here. We’re talking about the connection between […]

We’re Open: Californian Ski Resorts Extend Closing Dates

We’re Still Open! After unexpected levels of rainfall, many ski resorts in Northern California are extending their closing dates. The wet weather has left the area buried in snow. As a result, some resorts intend staying open until 4 July. Yes, you read that correctly: there is now another two and a half months of […]
Five Tips for Rookies - Escape Reality

Five Tips for Rookies: Once a Beginner Part 2

Welcome to the second post in the newly-launched Once a Beginner series. This one is video-based and covers five tips for rookie snowboarders. Sorry, reality got in the way… Eeek… Thursday came and went and alas, no post! It’s amazing how the demands of ‘the real world’ so often force our dreams to the bottom […]
Neff AKIN Tee

Association for Kids In Need: A Neff Said

Buy a Neff T-shirt and Help a Child in Need Buy one of these awesome t-shirts (see design below) and Neff will donate $10 to the AKIN charity. The money will go toward the purchasing of mandatory school uniforms for children in developing countries. Buy an AKIN tee today and give a child the opportunity […]
Beginner Snowboarder

New Weekly Post: Once a Beginner (Snowboarder)

Calling All Beginner Snowboarders It’s one thing having ambition and knowing your purpose in life, it’s quite another making it happen. For all those teens out there (and adults too – let’s not discriminate) who have always dreamed of becoming the next Shaun White or Hannah Teter, this is for you. Welcome to our brand-new […]
Schneetag 2017

Schneetag Returns to Aspen Snowmass

S… What’s That Word? Schneetag (pronounced sch-knee-tog) is a German word that translates, quite simply, as ‘snow day’. A rather uninspiring definition, no? Clearly you haven’t experienced a schneetag Aspen-style. There, the term has an … um, slightly different meaning. An Aspen schneetag entails “daredevils willing to propel themselves down a hill, over a jump […]
World Rookie Tour

The World Rookie Tour Finals: 4-9 April

This past week, the World Rookie Tour hosted their last event of the season. Yes, you guessed it – the FINALS! Over the previous twelve events, the top contenders have been systematically whittled down to the best in the field. 140 riders participated in this five-day event. What’s the World Rookie Tour? This is the […]

Staying Active While Living With A Disability

Photo via Pixabay by TPSDave Staying active and vital when you have a disability is extremely important, but it can be a challenge for many. Finding ways to participate in sports or engage in physical activity when your mobility is limited can be difficult, time consuming, and can take a toll on you mentally and […]
Oakley Roof Battle

QParks Tour: Oakley Roof Battle @ Superpark Dachstein

The Last QParks Tour Stop This Season It’s hard to believe that the QParks 2016/2017 season is nearly at an end. The Oakley Roof Battle is the last event of this season’s tour. The tour began in Superpark Dachstein with the Pleasure Jam contest. It seems only fitting that it should end there too… Oakley […]
Londonderry Sculpture

A Monumental Honour or a Monumental Waste?

Londonderry Plans to Host a New Public Sculpture Who knew that the construction of a cast-bronze sculpture celebrating the achievements of Jake Burton Carpenter could be quite so controversial? And yet the debate around erecting a 30-foot long, 16-foot high and 9-foot wide sculpture is fierce. Perhaps the outrage is in some way connected to […]